Let There Be Lights


The holiday lights have been a longstanding tradition and beautiful display for the community and local businesses within the Greenwich Avenue Business District. Lights strung through the trees along the Avenue have brought joyfull cheer to the season. We thank all those that have become partners and donated to the Let There Be Lights fund and hope you will help us shine some light this Holiday Season.

For Sponsorship information, please email Sebastian Dostmann at Sebastian@Sebassevents.com.


2023 Major Partners 





Mass Realty

Sutton Properties

Kate and Jim Clark

The Persico Family


The Baratta Family


Realty, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Malkin

Willcon Holdings, LLC

Carlson & Carlson

Giovanna and Brian Miller


Joe and Ricky Arcade

Lori Bantle

Marion Beale

Mona Zacharia Beerman

Jackie Berliner

Bianca Restaurant & Bar

Bistro V

Robin Bodell

Eric Butorac

Nancy and Jim Breckenridge

Denise Brennan

Anne Baldwin Castine

Patricia Cea

Ted & Maria Conforti

Connal Homes 

The Dade Corp

Jen Danzi

Nancy Duffy

Wendy Duryea

Faherty Brand

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Wendie Force

Dario and Elizabeth Galindo

Adam Greenbaum

Greenwich Commercial Property

Greenwich Primary Care

Greenwich Staffing LLC

Penelope Kassaris

Nicole Heath

The Ginger Man

Locust Street Properties 


Melisa McCann

Philip Miller

James Mullins

New England Investment Partners

Amanda G. Oliva

Elizabeth Perry

Petticoat Lane

Lauren Rabin

Locust Street Properties

Rudy’s Executive Transportation

Ruthanne Ruzika

Sam Bridge Nursery & Greenhouse

Megan Satchell

Schacter Family


Andrea Sinkin Design

Ellen Steckler

Vicki and Harold Tananbaum

Townsend Family Foundation

Lauren & Spencer Walsh

Herb and Kristen Washer

Allison & Steve Wolowitz

Marie and Bill Woodburn

Media Partners


What is Let There Be Lights?
“Let There Be Lights” is a fundraising project to bring the lights back to Greenwich Avenue. The lights are strung within the trees within the Greenwich Business District. These lights give everyone that warm and cozy holiday cheer.

When do the lights go up?
Weather permitting the lights will start to go up around the middle of October and be lit around Thanksgiving weekend.

Where are the lights?
The lights are strung within the trees of Greenwich Avenue, from top to bottom including most side streets. Bringing the business owners and customers some brightness and joy this Holiday Season.

Who Puts Up The lights?
The lights are put up by certified arborists under the supervision of the Town of Greenwich Tree Warden and Sebass Events.

What happens if the lights on a tree go out in front of my store? 
Please contact Kristin Sachs at Kristin@SebassEvents.com to notify us about any issues with trees in front of your store or on the Avenue. We will contact the company that is stringing the lights ASAP. They’ll have a response within 24 – 48 hours on fixing any problems.
When do the lights come down?
The lights are safely brought down after the New Year. All precautions are taken to make sure there is no damage done to the trees when removing the string lights.

Is there a lighting ceremony?

How do I get involved?
Looking to become a partner of the event? Please reach out to Sebastian Dostmann at Sebastian@SebassEvents.com for more information on partnership opportunities.

How do I donate?
All donations are welcome and tax deductible. You can make a donation directly on the website via credit card. If you’re looking to donate by check please reach out to Kristin Sachs at Kristin@SebassEvents.com.

Who can I make a check out to?
All checks should be made payable to the Greenwich Community Projects Fund, Inc. Please mail your donation to:

Greenwich Community Projects Fund
PO Box 7791
Greenwich, CT 06836

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! The Greenwich Community Projects Fund is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. If you donated by check you will receive a letter in the mail for your tax deductible donation. If you donated via the website, please use the automatic response as your tax deductible letter.

Thank you to our 2022 partners