Drive in Movies

Thank you all for supporting our 2020 Holiday Drive In Movie Nights.

We hope you all enjoyed the experience!


What is the ticket price?

This is a complementary event in partnership with Pure Leaf Teas and Greenwich Community Projects Fund, Inc.

What time does the movie start?

The movie will start playing at 6pm but the lot will open at 5pm for guests to start setting up and to park their vehicles. Parking porters will be onsite guiding vehicles to spots. The movie will be heard live but can also be played on the radio station from your vehicle. The radio station will be displayed onscreen for you to tune in and listen.

Can I reserve parking spots?

This event is first come first serve for all guests, the lot will open at 5:00PM and then allow cars in. Please do not line up.

How many cars are allowed to attend the event?

We are only allowing 100 vehicles to be parked in the lot. Every other spot will be left open to allow space.

Will there be food available?


Are there restrooms?

Yes restrooms are available at the back of the parking lot, but please remember to keep your mask on while using the restroom.

Do I need to stay in my car the whole time?

Please try to remain within your vehicle during the event. You’re allowed to throw out trash, get food, and sit outside your vehicle at an arm’s length distance. Please remain close to your vehicle to ensure socially distancing is maintained.

Can I bring my own chairs?

Yes! Please feel free to set up your own chairs within your parking spot. You can sit an arm’s length away from your vehicle but please do not spread out in the parking lot.

Do I need to stay at the event the whole time?

If you need to leave before the end of the event, please ask our parking porters to help you exit safely.


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